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Sorrell Private Trust & Clear Estate Announce Partnership

A modern-day version of the traditional Canadian trust office

Toronto, Canada, October 4th, 2022 – ClearEstate, a Canadian start-up offering digitally-native solutions for estate planning and estate administration, has signed a partnership with Sorrell Private Trust (SPT), a non-deposit-taking trust company, allowing both partners to provide all Canadians, for the very first time, a digital-first approach to a full suite of retail trust services.

With this new milestone, ClearEstate can now serve Canadian clients coast-to-coast with estate planning, as well as professional executor and trust administration services with the same customer-centric recipe that has made its success thus far.

“Sorrell Private Trust strongly believes in this combined offering. We will transform how the Canadian trust industry operates. I have been in this business for 30 years - and I've been waiting for a solution like this one since I started. It is a pleasure to collaborate with a partner who shares the same fresh outlook on the industry,” says Jamie Kidd, CEO of Sorrell Private Trust.

The combination of ClearEstate’s platform and services and SPT’s trust expertise is particularly relevant in bringing retail trust services to a currently underserved market. Because ClearEstate combines best-in-class technology with deep trust office expertise, it can offer its trust services at a third of the cost of traditional incumbents. This results in making trust services affordable to millions of Canadians who previously were not entitled to these services from banks and trust offices.

“The beauty of the partnership with Sorrell Private Trust is that it further increases ClearEstate’s capacity to help Canadians plan and administer their estates as efficiently as possible. We’re keeping it accessible, affordable, optimized, quick, paperless, and adapted per province through our platform,” adds Davide Pisanu, CEO of ClearEstate.

This newly announced partnership between the two Canadian companies highlights the impact that traditional incumbents can have by embracing partnerships with industry disruptors.


About ClearEstate

ClearEstate offers a digitally native, customer-centric approach to bringing high-end trust services to an underserved Canadian market. No matter the size of the estate to be settled, their team of estate professionals use technology, transparency and empathy to alleviate the procedural and emotional burdens of estate planning and settlement. Since 2020, ClearEstate has offered a forward-looking full suite of estate-related services.

About Sorrell Private Trust

Sorrell Private Trust (SPT) is a non-deposit-taking trust company licensed and regulated by the province of Alberta.

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